Transatlantic Modern is a source for both on-the-surface and in-depth interviews with some of the best and most legendary songwriters and musicians out there. The idea was spawned from my previous efforts in music blogging at “Ain’t Superstitious, But These Things I’ve Seen …” (2006-2012), where every once in awhile I’d get to chat with an artist briefly or at-length. Those always proved to be the most popular posts, so it seemed natural to build a new base where you could get some good reading from an artist you know and love and probably some questions that 99 percent of the other interviewers wouldn’t get around to asking. Now you have something to read during your lunch break, while you’re crammed onto the El, or simply looking for a way to procrastinate instead of doing something you really should be doing. Seriously. You really should be doing that. I’m glad you’re here, but … don’t let that thing go unfinished for too long.

All copy on Transatlantic Modern is (c) Paul Snyder, 2013 – 2017

You can contact me at: psnyder@transatlanticmodern.com

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