Five Questions

Sometimes artists who graciously free up a chunk of minutes (or hours) for the purpose of a great interview will have to indulge us for just five more questions and sometimes artists who don’t have time for a full interview take the 2 minutes required to answer these five. Every artist gets the same five (or a very similar variation on them), so you can see just how eclectic musicians’ tastes are when it comes to the Fab Four and just how many artists wish they could’ve written a song with Cole Porter.

(02 Mar 2021) TJINDER SINGH of Cornershop

(26 Jan 2018) THE FERNWEH

(12 Feb 2017) JOHN SEBASTIAN

(23 Sep 2016) CRISPIAN MILLS

(04 Aug 2016) HOWIE PAYNE

(25 Mar 2015) ANDY BELL

(26 Nov 2013) KEVIN ROWLAND of Dexys



(21 Jun 2013) NEIL INNES

(11 Jun 2013) MILES KANE

(10 May 2013) MATT PETERS of Royal Canoe

(02 May 2013) ERICA DRISCOLL of Blondfire

(23 Apr 2013) IRMA THOMAS

(29 Mar 2013) STEVE WHITE

(08 Mar 2013) JASON FALKNER


(28 Oct 2011) DARYL HALL of Hall and Oates

(15 Apr 2011) BRIAN JOHNSON of AC/DC

(17 Sep 2009) CRAIG REID of the Proclaimers

(10 Sep 2008) MURRY HAMMOND of Old 97’s

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