The Mod rocker and Last Shadow Puppet takes five from us. 

1.) What’s your favorite Beatles song and why?
Hey Bulldog,” because that’s one that we’ve been playing. Well, we don’t play it anymore, but we had been playing it for a long time. I don’t know, just that riff on it is one of me favorite riffs ever. I love the vocal delivery. It’s just cool.

2.) Who are three songwriters—living or dead—that you wish you could sit down and write a song with?
Jack White
, that’d be really fucking cool. John Lennon. And probably a bird, like—I’m not a massive fan, but I’d like to a duet with, say, Lana Del Ray or something.

3.) If you had to pick one song that you’ve written that you really think sums you up as a songwriter, what would that be?
Well, where I’m at right now, I’d probably have to say “Come Closer” or I’d say “Don’t Forget Who You Are.” I think them two sum me up pretty well.

4.) What’s the one song that you wish you could’ve written?
Ooooh. “Standing in the Shadows of Love” by the Four Tops. Just because it’s so big, and I’m just really loving listening to that at the minute.

5.) Is there anything you’re listening to these days that you’re particularly digging?
Charles Bradley
, who’s this 65-year-old American who’s spent his whole life being a James Brown impersonator. Have you heard him? He’s released two albums. Check him out, man. Check out this album called No Time For Dreaming. He’s quite like James Brown, really soulful. It’s fucking really cool, man.

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